Garnier Ultimate Blends

My hair has been in horrendous condition for years and it is never seems to be helped by any products which never stops me trying. I was in Boots recently and noticed that they had the new Garnier Ultimate Blends collection on offer so I thought I’d splash out and try the products whilst they were so cheap and because I wanted to treat myself for finally finishing my dissertation. I wasn’t expecting much from them but I was running out of my old products so thought I might as well try them. Boy, am I glad I did. My hair has never felt in such good condition, it is silky and smooth…best of all it’s no longer greasy after a day!

So, what do I use?

I use the Silky Smoother shampoo and conditioner. It is designed for long hair with split ends (describes mine perfectly!!) and has a vanilla milk and papaya scent. It is fabulous, it makes my hair feel amazing clean and soft and surprisingly lighter. I have ridiculously thick hair so this is a must have for me!



Every other wash I’ve been replacing the conditioner with the Nourishing Repairer 1 Minute Treatment. It is what could be considered as a scrub for hair, it sounded different to the other products out at the moment which is what drew me into this range. This particular one has avocado oil and shea butter and is aimed at dry and damaged hair, again this is perfectly describing my horrendous hair! Again this product is amazing and gives my hair that extra little bit of nourishment that it requires!


The final product I’ve been using from the range is the Marvellous Glow Oil. I have always been a bit skeptical about using oil in my hair, I just never understood how it wouldn’t make your hair ridiculously greasy and weigh it down. However this product seems to have the opposite effect on my hair. It feels lightweight and sleek which is unusual for me, and if I blow dry my hair after using this product it seems to stop me requiring my GHD’s which is an added bonus! This particular oil has argan and camellia oils in it and is suitable for all hair types, offering heat protection up to 230 degrees! It is multipurpose and can be used on wet or dry hair, I was skeptical about using it on dry hair at first but it hasn’t made mine any greasier, if anything it is less greasy!


Overall I would definitely recommend trying this range out, especially whilst they’re on offer at Boots! I have received dozens of compliments about how good my hair has been looking recently which is rare for me, these products must be helping it to look a lot healthier! There are other products available within the range, these are just the ones that appealed to me and my hair type so they are what I purchased.