Braun Silk Epil 5780 Review

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I purchased the Braun Silk Epil 5780 epilator. I have always been quite terrified of using an epilator, buying a couple of cheap rubbish ones and giving up after doing a single strip of my leg. The whole concept of a load of tweezers pulling out hair is not a very pleasant one but after becoming extremely fed up of shaving every day to keep my legs fuzz free I decided to try out epilating using my housemates epilator before I once again splashed out on one of my own. When I first tried it, yes it was slightly painful (although nowhere near as much as I remembered from my previous attempts), but after a while I became used to it so persevered and ended up doing both legs. To be able to not shave every day felt amazing, and keeping up with the epilating wasn’t as time consuming as I originally thought it would be. So I decided to purchase my own. After much deliberation and researching I decided upon the Braun Silk Epil 5780, as Superdrug had it on offer at £49.95 rather than its usual £100 price tag. The main things that swayed it for me was the fact that it had the smart light, an ice pack and a face adapter.

Upon opening the box, I was amazed at just how many accessories this came with;

– Shaver Head

– Trimmer Cap

– Efficiency Cap

– Sensitive Area Cap

– Facial Cap

As well as this it also boasts a comfort system with massage rollers and a cooling glove. It also has two speed settings.

The epilator itself looks sleek and appealing to the eye, a lot nicer than a lot of the epilators that I looked at when I was deciding what to buy.


What I thought…

I am extremely impressed with this epilator, due to it seeming to be able to grab the shortest hairs. When I think my legs only have a few hairs that are long enough to remove this epilator somehow manages to find a hell of a lot more! I have only had the epilator a couple of weeks so I haven’t yet tried all the different heads for it. The ones I have tried have been excellent. I use the efficiency head on my legs, the massage rollers on my arms and I tried the sensitive areas one on my armpits and bikini line (but I found it too painful, definitely going to try the cooling glove next time!!). All of them work impressively and I would definitely recommend this epilator to anybody looking for a longer term hair removal method to stop shaving! The smart light allows you to see even the finest/shortest hairs which you don’t realise are there…it’s amazing how many you can see with this light! I’m not sure that I would be as impressed if I had paid full price for this epilator but I think for the sale price you can’t go wrong.


Healthy Living…

I have always had problems with my weight, and no matter how hard I try I do find it difficult to lose a drastic amount of weight. However over the last couple of years I have lost over 40lbs but I am still definitely overweight. The majority of this weight was lost at home over summers where healthy food is unlimited and some when my health was suffering and I lost my appetite. I have struggled to eat healthily whilst at university due to sheer cost of “healthy” foods and not putting in the effort to cook. Recently I discovered Lidl and noticed how cheap their fresh meat, fruit and vegetables were in comparison to other stores. This is giving me the motivation to buy decent food and cook meals, especially at the moment as I have a lot of deadlines looming so really need healthy food for the brain power. I am hoping that I can continue eating this way until I move to Australia at the end of September, as I so desperately want to lose a hell of a lot of weight by then just to allow myself to feel more confident on the beach, especially as I do not want to feel like a beached whale next to my friends.

Low self esteem is something I suffer from majorly and I do believe that this does stem from my weight issues as this makes me feel less confident at putting myself out there and trying new things. I am hoping that healthy eating and weight loss will also benefit my mental health as I do suffer from mental health problems.

Does anybody have any good tips?

Bit of random rambling…

I really wanted to keep up to date on this blog, rather than letting it slide like I have previously done. However as I’m a final year university student I have had to put my studies first. As I have 20,000 words to write within the next 5 or so weeks I really need to start knuckling down. Please can somebody suggest a way to motivate myself for this, I am avoiding doing work until I feel like I have to.

Although this was originally supposed to be a beauty blog I am at the stage where I feel it should just be a general blog. I’m definitely going to start using it more once I start travelling Australia as I feel it would be a good way to document my journey. Until that time comes I’m going to try and blog as often as possible, however I’m not going to commit to anything that I can’t come through with.

One thing I am currently trying to do is express my feelings more, as this is something that I have always struggled with. I have started to write down my feelings in a journal so they are private, but the next step for me is to be able to share these feelings. Ideally this would be with my friends, however I allow myself to put a barrier up when it comes to talking about that sort of thing, so it might be a good idea for me to share them on here. It is extremely difficult having this barrier as it stops me being completely honest with people and I can see it in their eyes that all they want is for me to be able to talk to them, rather than avoiding the situation.

Tomorrow I am heading back to Leeds for a long weekend, it’s my best friends 22nd so I’m looking forward to going out with my friends that I rarely see and just trying to enjoy myself before the grind of university beckons me back. As well as this I am looking forward to catching up with family, especially my grandparents who I have not seen since Christmas. I am extremely close to my grandparents so I hate that I live so far away from them, and I know this feeling is only going to increase when I move abroad.

I am also getting a long awaited hair cut, I have not had it done since August as I refuse to go anywhere but my trusty hairdresser, and as I have rarely been in Leeds I have not had the opportunity. Obviously I am going to have to get over this fear of a new hairdresser otherwise I am going to spend all my time in Australia with a mop head. My hair has become ridiculously dead, and I know I am going to get told off for dying my hair myself.

Recently I started epilating my legs, it’s something I have been wanting to do for a while but I always chickened out of it. I bought my own epilator a year or two ago and tried it once before throwing it away. Then my housemate started using one so I thought I would try again and I managed to brave the pain and it is the best thing I have ever done. I am quite a hairy person, normally my legs would be stubbly a few hours after shaving, now I’m fine for at least a week. The pain was quite severe at first but after a few sessions I have become used to it and I have taken the plunge and splashed out on my own epilator. I really wanted one with a light on because that is what I have been using and it helped to see all the fine hairs that you cannot see without the light. It was difficult finding a cheap one but then I came across the Braun Silk Epil 5780 on the Superdrug website, reduced to £49.95 from £99.99. I was initially reluctant to spend this much but then after seeing all the attachments that the epilator comes with as well as the brilliant reviews it has got I purchased it. I am currently waiting for it to be delivered but as soon as it does I plan on posting a review on here.

That’s all for now, hope everyone is well.

How to be a woman…

I would never describe myself as a feminist and I was in two minds about reading this book by Caitlin Moran but as I had been recommended it I thought I would try it.
I normally end up getting really into books but I just can’t get into this one, I’m not sure if it’s the content or the writing style but I just wouldn’t recommend it. I am only persevering with it as one thing that I despise is leaving books half read.
Although I’m not enjoying reading the book I feel that it is something everyone should read, as it will appeal to some people and it has opened up my eyes.
has anybody got any book recommendations they want to share?

Roll on September!

So for the past few months I have been struggling with the idea of graduating and what my future would hold. I have religiously been applying for graduate schemes but been unsuccessful on numerous occasions which definitely knocked my confidence and put me off applying for more. The mere thought of having to go home and live with my parents until I find a job made me want to cry. So last week myself and my housemate decided had a bit of a crazy moment and booked one way tickets to Australia, which has also encouraged a few other friends to consider the trip. I’ve sorted out my visa and can happily say I leave England on the 25th September for what will hopefully be an amazing year in the sun. One downside to leaving is that I unfortunately will miss my university graduation ceremony however we have decided that we will try and don our cap and gowns at the beach as our own celebration, just so we don’t feel like we’re missing out on the biggest day of our university lives.

Bondi Beach in Sydney

I’ve already started researching what beauty products Australia has to offer so this is my wish list so far (I’m aware that some of the products may be available in the UK but as I have seen them on Australian sites I am including them on this list)

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Travel Kit $43/£23.20

Evo Easy Tiger Straightening Balm – $26.95/£14.54

Becca Mineral Tint SPF30+ Sunscreen – $28/£15.10

Inika Illuminisor – $34.16/£18.43

Model Co Fiber Lash Brush On Lashes Mascara – $43/£23.20

As I am going to spending a hell of a lot of time in the sun I believe that it is important to protect my skin which is why I have the Becca Mineral Tint on my wishlist as this will allow me to protect my face whilst still wearing a bit of makeup as a cover up. The other beauty products on my list are both similar to products that I have seen in the UK but have yet to try. I find the look of the Model Co mascara quite fascinating and I’m really excited to be able to try it once I get to Australia and the Inika Illuminisor will make my skin (and hopefully my tan) glow! Perfect. When I’m abroad in the sun I tend to not really bother with styling my hair which is why I’m quite interested in the Evo Easy Tiger Straightening Balm as this will hopefully allow me to be able to leave my hair without using heated appliances but not have to cope with the frizz that I sometimes have. The sun can be extremely damaging to the hair so I feel that the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Travel Kit will be perfect for keeping my hair well nourished as well as being easily portable for when I’m travelling around.

Does anybody have any Australian brands they can recommend? or have you tried anything on this list?

Please note: all products are available through and all prices and exchange rates were accurate at the time of posting.