I have made the decision. I am taking the plunge and starting my travels in Australia independently. I will be flying out with my friend, however upon arriving at Sydney airport we are going to go our separate ways. I’m staying in Sydney whilst she’s flying to Melbourne. At the moment I’m more excited than nervous, which I’m quite surprised at as this is something that I never in a million years pictured myself doing.

I know that backpacking tends to be quite spontaneous but I like to feel a bit more secure, which is why I have booked my hostel in Sydney (just for the first 3 nights until I get myself sorted out). This is making it seem a lot more real, and like I can actually look into what I want to do now. One thing that is really appealing to me is climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I am terrified of heights, but I’m also terrified of breaking out of my comfort zone. Travelling alone is pushing me out of my comfort zone so why not try and tackle my fear of heights at the same time? 


My next few months are going to be spent saving, and planning for this trip. It would be great to hear some recommendations on what to do whilst I’m in Australia, as well as being given some tips for independent travel.



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