My Time…

So I have officially finished university, and until the 25th September I have no guaranteed plans. I have been applying for jobs, but I’m yet to hear back from any and to be honest I’m not feeling too positive. For the past week or so all of my friends have been revising, leaving me alone with my new best friend. I can’t work out whether it’s a good friend or a bad one…

I am literally addicted to Netflix. Every moment I get I’m on it. I fall asleep watching it, I wake up and watch it and throughout the day I watch it. It’s becoming ridiculous the amount of binge watching TV shows I do because of it. I tell myself that I won’t watch a film because it takes too long, but then I’ll sit there watching episode after episode of a show. My current one is One Tree Hill, I’ve already nearly finished. I actually feel anxious about finishing a series. What am I going to after? Yet if somebody asks me if I watch TV, I’d say no. I’m not sure if that’s the right or wrong answer to that one though! 

Is it possible to be addicted to Netflix?

I always pictured myself handing my dissertation in and then having some non stop mad social life. What a joke I am. I feel closer to Brooke and Haley (from One Tree Hill) than I do my own friends. I know that isn’t normal, especially when I’m living with 5 of my friends. It seems that now university is drawing to a close, people are drifting apart already. I don’t like it, and I want it to stop. I would happily give up Netflix for this!

I am going to make myself a promise, after I have finished One Tree Hill I’m going to take a break from Netflix, no more binging, no more watching, no nothing! Even if I read instead it’s something!




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